School Counselor Box

The Vicarious Trauma Care & Support Box

Inspired by both personal experience and growing data and understanding about vicarious trauma experienced by school professionals, LSIS created a kit of materials that directly supports coping with and processing those experiences.

It includes instructive video on a standalone player, the book Healing Secondary Trauma, digital resources, self-care tools and items to facilitate peer support.

If you or your school or district are interested in the Vicarious Trauma Care and Support Box, please reach out to Dr. Spencer at [email protected].

Please note that there are two editions of this box, one focused on School Counselors and one more generally aimed at School Professionals, including teachers and administrators. We also invite sponsors to underwrite the next batch of boxes. Minimum order is 25.

Package shot of Family Box for Substance Abuse - Opioids

The Micro-Meditation Post-its® and Perspective Cards focus on mindful coping while peer-to-peer support cards are designed to encourage self- and communal care.

For many teachers, it is the first acknowledgement of their experience around vicarious trauma, which has traditionally been recognized among emergency workers, but largerly overlooked in teachers.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and strongly validates the premise behind this initiative.

We thank our funders: