Resources For Schools

We offer schools a wide range of K-12 programming to bring substance abuse prevention into the classroom. Whether delivered on-site or digitally, all of our programs were crafted to help give you much needed support.

For Grades K-5

From kindergarten through 5th grade, our programming lays the groundwork for resilience and healthy decision making.

Video still from a classroom recording

For Grades 6-12

For over 20 years, our prevention programming for teens has proven highly effective in engaging students in critical conversations.

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Reach out to us today so we can curate the program to the needs of your school.

General Prevention Videos

In our video series covering general prevention, Jarriel talks about different aspects and factors that are part of substance abuse. From home life, peer pressure and the progression of the disease, to consequences and school support, LSIS prevention makes a crucial difference for young people and their decisions.

Opioid Prevention Program

Our opioid prevention programs include materials which were created to address the needs of the contemporary classroom and families. Faced with the challenges of COVID-19, we asked our licensed professionals to record presentations that can be delivered virtually and are widely accessible. We have since offered our opioid programming through live online presentations and as streaming video. Additionally, we’ve distrubed standalone digital media via our video mailer and Family Boxes. These last two options are available to families who might have limited internet access.

Each video in the series is broken up into shorter segments, encouraging engagement and repeated viewing.

Opioid Mailer

Not every family has ready access to the web. And even if they do, it can be unreliable and challenging if they are limited to only mobile devices.

In order to increase access to our Opioid Prevention Content we created a video mailer that we distributed to school-selected families in Palm Beach County. Of course, the materials and media format can be valuable to any school, in any place in the country. If you’re interested in this program, please reach out to learn more.

The LSIS Family Box

Our Family Box For Substance Abuse Prevention, or Family Box for short, has been a breakthrough success. Designed to help families engage in important conversations about substance abuse with their kids, it is built on the premise that families who share daily meals have a much lower incidence of substance abuse. The moving feedback from both parents and students has been extraordinary.

The box is distributed with a free dinner for four and contains a range of items, including a standalone video player, that provide prevention information and offer different ways to engage, from our own conversation card game to an appreciation game. Of course, some swag in the form of t-shirts and a cooling bag help spread the message by starting conversations outside the family.

We have now completed distribution of the first two runs of family boxes and are building a waitlist. We will have boxes for different student age groups, so if you’re interested be sure sign up and let us know which ones you’d like.

What Students, Teachers and Parents say

“This is our second summer listening & learning from LSIS. I am grateful to Barbra for her professionalism & dedication to educating & protecting our students! Katie…your honest & heartfelt message was received & will make a difference in the lives of our kids!

Thank you!!!! You both ROCK!!!”

Dean of Students