Get Involved

A healthy community is a group effort. Our work is amplified and strengthened by the support of individuals like you. Take a look at the many different ways you can help us out today.


Volunteers help us get the word out, organize fundraising events and support the delivery of our digital programs during this time of limited class-room instructions.

If you like to support your community and give back with your time and skills, please reach out to learn more about opportunities at LSIS.

Join our Operations Team

We are currently interviewing candidates for several openings. Please reach out for more information.

Work with Us

Learn about more ways to work with and make our programs more widely available.

As a Speaker

Central to our live programming are prevention speakers who have personal experience with substance abuse and have been in recovery.Their real and inspiring stories reach our audiences in the most meaningful ways.

If you can see yourself making a difference for the next generation, please contact us to find out more, without any obligation. 

As a Host

You can open your home to host an event for parents, or to hold a local fundraiser. And if you have access to a community space, you could organize an event for a larger local audience.

As an Advocate

If you are interested in having your kids’ schools offer our prevention programming to its students, it may help to talk to your school’s guidance counselor or PTA about LSIS and express your interest. In addition to our live programming, we also have created materials that bridge digital divides. Learn more about that on our Digital Education page.