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We bring credible, age-appropriate and pedagogically proven substance abuse prevention programming to students in K-12 classrooms.

Our Why

Every time a young person makes a better choice when they are confronted by drugs or alcohol, it’s a win for everyone: The kid, the parents, the school and the community.


We believe that knowledge, peer support and self-esteem are the best defenses our kids have against the threats of substance abuse and addiction.

We are working towards a world in which resilient, informed and empowered children and teenagers help shape and maintain communities free of substance abuse.

Living Skills in the Schools is CARF accredited, DCF licensed and all of our programs have been reviewed by the District SEL Programs Advisory Committee.

We Offer Programs for


Substance abuse is a tough subject to tackle under the best circumstances. We’re here to offer practical help and to provide relief.

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School can be a tough place to negotiate, especially socially. If you’re looking for perspective, support and tools, take a look at our resources.

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