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Dear Parents and Students:

Thank you for visiting our Living Skills in the Schools Digital Education page. We usually deliver our programming across schools in Palm Beach County throughout the year.

While schools were closed, we explored new ways to reach students and families with this vital information; because school is now at home.

As we look ahead to the upcoming start of school, and all the uncertainty that surrounds it, one thing remains certain, whether LSIS is with you in the classroom or through distance learning, our mission remains the same to build each child’s resistance to substance abuse, through age-appropriate education, reassurance, understanding, peer support, and access to help.

We offer this content to students and families to help them work together to predict, protect, and prevent drug-related harm in middle and high school students.


Opioid Prevention Education

1. Introduction

Chapters in the Introduction: Your Presenter | Their Credentials | Their Role at LSIS | Why they do this

This series of six Opioid Prevention Videos cover all essential aspect of opioid addiction.
Watch the Introduction and contact us if you’re interested in the whole series for the students in your school or family.
We offer different options for distributing and accessing the videos.

2. Historical Overview

Source | Types | Historical Use | Common Forms | Timeline and Epidemic Rates

3. Opioids and the Brain

Opioids – In the Body | Withdrawal | Addictive Behavior | Misuse and Abuse | Depression

4. Statistics

Opioids and our Youth | Risk Factors | Protective Factors | Consequences of Use

5. Progression of the Disease

Opioids to Heroin to Fentanyl | Possible Consequences | Good Sam Law

6. Conclusion

Q&A with Maritsa | Conversation Starters | Resources and Access to Support

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