Instead of heading home at the end of the work and school day, parents, families, and community leaders took time out for a great cause. They filled the cafeteria of Dr. Bethune Mary McLeod Elementary school to participate in an unforgettable Living Skills in the Schools (LSIS) event that ended in lots of smiles, singing, and hands-on prevention strategies.

For LSIS, thinking “outside the box” meant encouraging families to discover the treasures inside a box. Uncover they did, thanks to the generous contribution and support of Florida Power and Light (FPL), who sponsored the box and the event helping make it all possible. All who attended the event received a Medicine Literacy Family box and experienced unveiling it together.

The night began with Dr. Suzanne Spencer, the Chief Executive Officer of LSIS, welcoming the families and explaining the program’s mission to help build each child’s resistance to substance abuse through age-appropriate education and resources. Along with Dr. Spencer, Principal Katrina Granger came out to support, participate, and welcome the families. LSIS was also thrilled to share the stage with notable community leader Commissioner Mack Bernard, district 7, who spoke encouraging words and connected with the families throughout the night.

So.. what’s inside this special box? All the families had a great time finding out. The Medicine Literacy box is full of resources to help caregivers and children join forces to learn, play, and discover medicine safety principles and procedures. These resources promote proper medicine usage and instill the best practices before entering their teen years.

Teresa Bairos, a licensed marriage and family therapist and LSIS’s program director, led the participants in unveiling the box. Each family had a chance to experience all the contents and engage with their families using all the resources. The box is geared towards elementary-aged children. All the items are both informative and fun. The families had a great time engaging and using the items, from a special video player that includes a series of videos about medicine safety to flashcards helping parents find the words to start the conversations. The box also consists of a hand puppet meant to help children and families explore further through role-playing and an Emotions Bingo game to help give both parents and children an avenue to discuss and explore feelings. Many more interactive items kept coming out of the colorful Medicine Literacy box including a story book the families read together, a lunch-box and more.

As the families went through all the items in the box one by one, the energy in Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary school was full of love and hope. Principal Granger concluded, “The living skills project is outstanding. Thanks for giving our parents and scholars such priceless information and resources.” The LSIS team is proud to be part of helping bring resources that build resilience to families. They also know that while the treasures in The Medicine Literacy Box help put the reins in prevention into homes, it’s the families and communities that open it and discover the contents for themselves that make all the difference.