2 02, 2022

Bullies are not Born, They are Bred: 4 Ways Parents Breed or Banish Browbeating

2022-11-11T14:19:21-05:00February 2nd, 2022|Prevention|

While these days anti-bullying campaigns, commercials, and fashionistas have  helped bring a voice to the harmful and detrimental effects brought on by bullying, it's  what happens behind closed doors, in our homes, where the birth of empathy or the  lack of it is initially learned. One of the most challenging and rewarding facets of  parenting is understanding that our conduct, beh

6 01, 2022

Teen Angst: Whispers that Shout

2022-11-11T14:19:21-05:00January 6th, 2022|Prevention|

One of the best ways to understand teen angst is remembering what it felt like to be one. For many parents, this will mean digging deep and remembering what it felt like to not only watch our bodies transform but also the insurmountable changes that took place inside of our minds. Being a teen in many ways is like having no place to sit on a see-saw. You are too young for half the t

18 12, 2021

The Four Letter Word

(Every Parent Should Know)

2022-11-11T14:19:21-05:00December 18th, 2021|Prevention|

While there’s no recipe in a parenting handbook that will answer all the  questions, there is one key ingredient that will spice up your life and strengthen  the bond you have with your child for a lifetime. The secret sauce lost in the  back of the cupboard for far too long is… P-L-A-Y. Playing with children is a  profoundly loving activity that strengthens bonds while transferring

9 07, 2021

It’s More than Food

(How Family Dinners Increase Communication and Resilience)

2022-11-11T14:19:21-05:00July 9th, 2021|Prevention|

Do you ever feel there is too much to do, that it’s non-stop? The world can feel so busy sometimes. Children have sports, homework, friends, and need time to decompress before bed. The TV is blaring. Phones are lighting up with data and alerts. Amid this constant noise and swirling information, however, there are children and teens who need to talk to their families. Whether it’s a

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